Technical overview

(Teknisk informasjon)

Bølgen Kulturhus
Sanden 2
3255 Larvik

+47 33 17 24 00

Postboks 2020
3255 Larvik

Map to Bølgen Kulturhus

Christian Lorentzen – event manager
+47 41441695 //

Espen Solum – Technical coordinator
+47 900 48 832 // espen@

Dagfinn Apelland – Head of Sound department
+47 906 86 161 // dagfinn@

Tone Kjeseth Larsen – Production leader
+47 952 31 767 // tone@

Storsalen (main stage)

Updated december 6th. 2018

A Proscenium opening 7 meters high and 11 meters wide opening. Depth is 10 meters. The wooden floor is painted black. Entrance to the stage is from the stage right loading door and two rear doors on stage left and stage right. 
Rizers, 0 – 1m height


Ma-light2, lightmixer, 4 universes
120 dimmer circuits (roof and floor)

Roof (see drawing)

Front lighting, cat1 and cat2, Fresnells and profiles
Front lighting, lx1, Fresnells and profiles
Back lighting,RGB, etc color par, full coverage, lx2, lx3, lx4
Flooders, 1kw, horizon lights, primary colours, lx5
10 Martin Encore cold, spot                                           
18 Robe Spider, wash  
5 Martin Encore warm (front)

Supply equipment

1 follow spot, 1200w, msr
12 X-bar (sunstrip)
6 sidetowers for light mounting, 2m high
light stands
1 Mdg, hazer 
8 Chauvet, R2
8 Robe, minipointer
2 Atomic 3000
6 blinders (x2)  


Avid S6L-24D
Stage 64 stagerack 64 input, 32 output
Lexicon PCM96
Nexo GEO S12 7+1 pr side with 4 x RS15 sub pr side
Nexo NXAMP4x4 amplifiers

Supply equipment

10 RCF TT-45 SMA active monitors
10 RCF NX-12SMA active monitors
2 RCF TT-25 A active monitors
4 RCF TT-22 A active monitors

Shure SM57/58/B58/52/91 Beta 
Shure SM57
Shure KSM32
Audix D2/D4/D6
Audix SCX25
Sennheiser 604/606
AKG 480
Neuman KM184
Radial J48/ Klark DN 100 Active Di-boxes

Wireless Microphones 
6 SKM-500-935g3 handheld tx
2 SKM-500-965g3 handheld tx
14 SK-500-G3 Bodypack tx
14 HSP2/HSP4-EW beige headset microphones
14 EM-500-G3 rx
2 UR2-BETA 58 tx
1 UR4D rx
1 ULX-D Quad rx
2 ULX-D Beltback tx
2 ULX-D Handheld tx


Panasonic (10000 ANSI) lazer
Analog Way DiventiX II scaler
TV-One crossconverters
Infrastructure: SDI over copper or single-mode fiber via Lynx converters

Storsalen (tech drawing)

Sanden Scene

Scene er 5m bred, 4 m dyp, 50 cm over gulv
3,7m opp til taket
Sort inndekning sider/bak scenen



Lys I taket (se tegning) er fastmontert I fast gridd.
Malight onpc med faderwing og touch
24 dimmerkurser


Midas Pro2c digital mix console
Stagerack Midas 251 – 48 ch input, 24 ch output
6 x Adamson S10 top
4 x Adamson 119 sub
LabGruppen D-series 120×4 Amps
Lake LM44 Digital audio system processor

Sanden Scene (tech drawing)

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